Colorado’s Director Of Marijuana Coordination Tackles Banking, Edibles And Youth Prevention

August 27, 2014 by Cannabis Business Summit Staff

Andrew Freedman is Colorado’s Director of Marijuana Coordination, which he jokes is a job title that stirs envy amongst his law school friends, even if it came with a healthy pay cut. In his panel “Colorado & Washington: Successes and Challenges from the Frontier of Post-Prohibition America,” Freedman tackles three of the hottest and often controversial…

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INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Cannabis Is Colorado Consuming? A Market Study Visualized

August 26, 2014 by Cannabis Business Summit Staff

The legal cannabis market is less than eight months old, but a new state report is providing us with some hard data about the size and scope of consumer demand in Colorado. While the study draws on a limited range of data (3 months), the report still provides a never before seen view of the data behind legal cannabis sales. Explore the highlights of…

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