Analyze It! Scientific Research That Is Bringing Legitimacy To The Industry

September 25, 2014 by Cannabis Business Summit Staff

Of the many buzz words and lingo one hears in the cannabis world, “legitimacy” is bound to pop up. How can businesses become more legitimate? How can we change the perceptions of consumers, regulators and the public at large? An often overlooked piece to that puzzle is the role science has played in not only raising the quality and consistency of products…

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Cannabis Trainers' Maureen McNamara Details Three Ways To Improve Your Business's Food Safety Procedures

September 04, 2014 by Cannabis Business Summit Staff

Training has been Maureen McNamara's gig for over 20 years. Having cut her teeth in the rough and tumble hospitality world, Maureen realized her 20+ years of experience were well-suited to serve the burgeoning cannabis industry. In partnership with the National Cannabis Industry Association, Maureen now offers a certification course in food safety for…

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